Profile: The Food Whore

26 Apr

This is a common critter in the dating world.

  • She will agree to go on a date with you after a little pushing.
  • She will show up for the date
  • She will order a lot of food
  • She will order expensive items
  • She will ask for a to go bag
  • She will not pay for anything.
  • She wont be much of a conversationalist
  • She will never contact you, or respond to you again.

The exploitation of men by the dating industry

25 Apr

The dating industry is a multi billion dollar machine designed to exploit men.

On a majority of dating sites, men are expected to become members, like everyone else, and that might even be free or cheap. However if you want to “connect” with a girl, you have to buy an upgraded “plus, silver” package. It does not end there unfortunately. Seeing the possibility to further exploit men’s need to try and find a girlfriend you are encouraged to pay for an even more expensive package that will allow girls who join for free to contact you. In essence you are not just covering your own cost of joining the site you have to cover the cost of the girls on the site who want to contact you.

In a day where the term “gender equality” is bandied about, and we all need to be very politically correct and respect each other this is an example of blatant sexism that goes unnoticed.

In addition to all of those services, if you happen to be a guy who doesn’t have a lot of luck online, the sites will gladly sell you special services:

  • Review your profile
  • Comment on your picture
  • Help you write the copy

In all instances where I have tried such services, the results were less than mediocre and there was not statistical data to indicate it made any difference in attracting a mate.

Thousands of different schemes are out there trying to get the man to pay even more money for a theoretical chance to find a woman who wants to be in a relationship with him.

Guys are also expected to spend a lot of time crafting a super profile, with lots of pictures and interesting facts. Its helpful if you can also show off your relative wealth and how popular you are.

Girls often put up a single picture, with a “Oh I don’t know what to write here” text along with the old “Oh guys if you contact me, don’t just say ‘hi’ show me you put some effort into it”.


Ok so girls spends less than 60s stuffing a picture into a profile and nothing more, yet she expects the guy to magically and telepathically guess how to write an interesting post to her. Talk about torture.
Yet guys are expected to go through with such nonsense because the sites are geared towards exploitation of men.

It does not end there though. If you are lucky enough to talk to a girl online and you get along a little bit its upto the man to:

  • Pick a suitable venue for the date.
  • It need to be interesting, fun, personal, and original.
  • Most often he also has to pay for the tickets, the food etc.

Some women on dating sites seem to subsist on “food whoring”. Set up dates with guys but let it be known she wants a nice dinner. She shows up (a plus), eats the most expensive thing son the menu and you never hear from here again.
There is always another sucker out there.

Men are conditioned from an early age to expect this type of sexist behavior. We have been told that what we have is not that interesting, but what girls have is worth a lot.

Once, in ancient times, where gender equality was a mere dream, these traditional patterns in dating made sense. Women did not usually have the means to pay, nor the social status to get into venues by themselves and not the freedom to find men on their own.

Women in those times lacked the ability to stand on their own two feet. Thankfully the world has moved on, and though gender differences still exists, that favor the man, there are a lot more instances were gender discrimination exists but favors the woman.

Guys, we like girls. We want to find great girls. Some of want to get laid real bad too. But the truth is girls want what we got too, and they have sexual needs as we do too. Why should we still be forced?

  • To pay double or triple for our site membership because we are men?
  • Be expected to publish a personal and original novel to a girl who cant bother?
  • To be a never emptying reservoir of money, ideas and patience.

Unfortunately as men we are so conditioned that most of us cant even see it. This will continue on as it has for years and years to come. Women will gain more privilege and perks and we will lose what little is left but still be expected to fulfill our traditional male role.

  • I urge male readers to only join sites that support gender equality. One price for every member, regardless of color, gender, sexual preference and race. (Or join free sites there are some great ones out there).
  • Refuse to write that girls who cant even bother to put up a single paragraph about herself.
  • Ask and expect the girl to make plans for the dates as well.
  • Always use condoms. It doesn’t have much to do with the article but its always a good idea.
  • Have better self esteem for yourself and dare to stand up and be strong. Why should you have to be exploited over and over again to try and find a woman? Are they really attracted to someone who gets walk on like that?

Let me her your thoughts on this?

Oh noes, I am asian and he likes asians.

25 Feb

Its not unusual for some guys to like blond girls, or red heads, hispanic, jewish without it being a negative thing.
Apparently if you are white and you like asian girls that is a problem.


Guy doesnt handle rejection on okCupid

25 Feb


Life On What Is Your Price.

1 Feb








And so it continuos, giving up your dollars, to be ignored online.

Use craigslist for all your gang bang needs.

29 Jan

Oh craigslist you crack me up.

430lbs woman with a birth defect that causes bleeding when having sex, want a bare back
gang bang with a bunch of strangers. The party will go on all night.

Gangbang Tonight – w4m – 29

I am looking for men who would be interested in coming to a gangbang on Jan 29 starting at 10pm, it will be my first ever gangbang which I am super excited for. I am looking for those interested in joining in the party. I am open to all races must be at least 7 inches or longer. Im a big girl so a need at least that. I am looking for both subs and tops but I am very submissive in the bedroom. If I didn’t list it below I am totally open to it, I should also tell you that I sometimes bleed when fucked, I was borned with a disorder and can’t control it. I just would rather be honest then you find out about it later. Message me directly for a faster response, I will want to meet face to face before the gangbang before we the gangbang.

My hard limits are as follows:
No scat/pee, no rimming (giving) no ass to mouth, no cum in mouth

I am open to everything else from sucking cock, to dp, double vaginal, maybe add some force along the way, bring some toys, maybe your into some kink, holding hair, tying up, I am looking for those who LOVE big women.

Please include pictures of yourself and your package with your email and a brief description as to why I should pick you!!

What I look like, I dont post pictures as I just get flagged!
What I look like I am 5ft 9 around 430lbs, long blond hair that goes to my boobs and blue eyes. I have a large heart shaped belly, super large hips and a super big bubble butt with all the dimples to go with. I have skinny arms and legs. I have long feet and foot fetish if your into that.

That party will go long until the night and looking for serious inquires only.
Please send along a picture of yourself and your package, please also send me your name and number, I dont want endless emails.

This will be a bareback gangbang if you are DDF and STD free if you are not or dont feel comfortable with that there will be condoms available.

Thanks for your consideration!

Getting evicted, I am moving into your place sight unseen

29 Jan

Odd to say the Least – 25

Hello, this is an odd request to say the least but I am looking for a fun, down to earth, laid back, 420 friendly guy with extra space. I currently am looking to move out of a situation I find myself in and need a place to live while I save up to get my own place. I can help with bills, cleaning, yard work, whatever. I’m a 25 year old, laid back, intelligent female. I work in centennial and would like to find a place near by. If you have extra space and would like a cool roommate for a little then send me a message with a picture describing yourself and your place and I will reply back with my picture and answer any questions you may have :) thank you

I want to go to college so marry me, but dont expect anything out of it.

25 Aug

This may be weird.. – w4m – 19

Okay, this is going to sound strange; but here me out! I really want to go to college, badly, I will be the first in my family to go. I tried to get grants and scholarships all seem to be a dead end. The rules for FASA is simple, I am at 19 a dependent student until the age of 26, neither of my parents are willing to give me their information. I don’t have any male friends or trust me, I wouldn’t be here. I am at strictly platonic because I don’t intend to make this a romantic endevour, I have researched everything and I found out it is legal to have a marriage of convince as long as we both are born here. We can also live separately as long as we don’t file the paper work. I know this is stupid; but, I want an education so badly, I want to be more than my family was. All got knocked up at 15-17, dropped out of high school and have no real lives. I am the first in three generations to graduate HS. I have a prenup written up, and in it it states this would end after my schooling is over.

Please, this is not a joke so neither should your answer. All I need is someone that has paid their taxes and has ok credit.

If you have questions email me, I can answer anything, and I’ll trade a pic for pic.

    Is this finally a working vagina cam?

    27 Jul


    Tongue out

    25 Jul