Whatsyourprice.com review [Scam alart]

21 Dec

WhatsYourPrice is a newcomer to the online dating scene.

I as your trusted reviewer took another one for the team and signed up
and explored it.

There has been some controversy involving this site, and its model.
Some believe that it is prostitution wrapped within a slightly new
shell. I have no comment on those allegations as I will explain

Notable Radio host Howard Stern has been hyping this site
a lot, no doubt because he is paid a lot of money. That is how
I first learned about this site.

So the basic model is that you pay a girl to go on a date with you.
That is right, you have to pay a girl to go out with you.
In the semantics of the site you are a “generous male” and the
girls are referred to as “attractive female”. There might be
attractive males for generous females, bu I didnt see it.

So lets talk about this premise, why would you pay a girl
to go on a date with you. Isn’t this just like an escort service?
I rationalized it this way: You can spend a lot of time online
courting a girl without ever getting a date. Most of males on
online dating sites spend a lot time trying to get a woman to
respond, and then that filter down to ever fewer girls you
talk into going on a date. So you can think about paying
for the first date as a shortcut.

This is of course where the allegations of possible prostitution
come in it. Usually if a man pays a woman for a date, he is
expecting to get laid. Certainly some of the woman I saw
on there seemed show pretty much everything in their profile
pictures, and it can lead a man to think he is getting laid.

A lot of the girls are fairly young, and WhatIsYourPrice has a
badge a woman can earn for being a “real co-ed”. Which means
she is or was enrolled in some educational institution which
granted her a .edu email. (that is how they verify the co-ed status).

Women can choose to be listed in any or all of the following categories:

  • Friendship / Activity Partner
    • Friendship
    • Activity Partner
    • Mutually Beneficial Arrangements (Sugar Daddy / Sugar Baby)
    • Casual Dating
    • No Strings Attached
    • Long Term Relationship / Marriage Minded
    • Short Term Relationship / Dating
  • As a male you create your account , browse women available
    in your area. (which might be very few), and if you want
    you get to send a wink or make an offer. Most of the woman
    i connected with suggested a price of between $100 to
    $500 for the first date. Some suggest in their profile that
    they are expecting a very generous man who will take them
    somewhere very nice etc. It is important to point out that
    the money exchanged between you and the girl is handled
    outside of the site. No doubt to prevent the site for being
    prosecuted for pimping.
  • Now, at this point you might wonder how does the site make
    money? Signing up is free, payments to the girls are handled
    outside the site. How do they make money? This is an
    interesting point. Basically they have a system of tokens
    might you must buy in advance. The price structure
    is as follows:
    • 100 credits for $50
    • 450 credits for $150
    • 1000 credits for $250

So as you can see they get cheaper the more you buy. If you
are a member for a while and you are getting low on credits
they will send you an offer for discounted tokens.

So you wink at a girl, or make an offer, or she makes you an offer,
you agree on a price through their negotiation system, where you
cannot communicate apart from price.

If you agree on price with the young lady then you will have the
option to email her, and that is when you must be a token to unlock
the email option. So at that point you are excited, you have a
negotiated price for the date, but that is useless unless you pay
your tokens to talk to her. So that is how the site makes money.

Now I went through this process a few times. I got offers
ranging from $200 – $500. Most of them were negotiated
down by me. I negotiated a price with 3 different women,
of various ages and looks. I bought tokens to communicate
with them, and after some time I managed to coordinate a
date with all of them.

Setting up a date was done with a combination of in site
emails and txt messages. There was never any voice
communication. I setup the dates in nice restaurants
across town. They were all in the evening on a

Here is the interesting bit, in 3 out of 3 cases no girl
showed up. That is 100% of the women I had paid to
communicate with and setup the dates with failed to
show up. All txt communication ended after the date
was supposed to have taken place. No apology
was offered from the girls, no excuses, and no reason.
They went totally uncommunicative.

So that means that WhatsYourPrice made their
money from me buying tickets with the understanding
I would get a first date, and that never happened.

In hindsight I doubt that these girl exist. I wrote the
site and complained. They said they would “investigate”
it and then went silent. No offered was made, even
after requested of returning tokens or money.

So based on my own experience with 3 different girls,
non showed up. Based on 100% failed dates over a month
and a half, I feel this site is a scam. Save your money,
and stay away from WhatsYourPrice.com



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